2019 Fall semester schedule for returning/leave of absence application
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안녕하세요. 국제팀 김보경입니다. 


2019학년도 2학기 휴학 및 복학신청을 다음과 같이 공지합니다. 


우리대학 대학원 교학팀 공지사항 링크를 첨부하오니, 참고하시어 준비하시기 바랍니다. 


링크 클릭!


Greetings! This is Christina Kim from Office of International Affairs. 


I'd like to inform you about 2019 Fall semester schedule for retunring or leave of absence application.


Since Academic Affairs of Graduate school only has Korean notice, so please check the following and hopefully you can get more information.

As we will guide you through the schedule and method for the 2nd semester of 2019 to graduate school, those who wish to return to school and wish to leave should apply within the period. 

 ※ Caution 

1. If a student whose vacation period expires doesn't apply for reinstatement of extension of leave, she will be expelled from school.

    (Please check your vacation period in Sookmyung Protal System. The academic status shows the final academic status, so make sure to check your leave of absence period)

2. The students themselves are reponsible for any issues that may cause as a result of their absence.


1. Returning to school and early reinstatement - Use [Portal System]

A. Target: Students who take a leave of absence from school for the first semester of 2019 

                 student who is scheduled to return to school for the second semester of 2019-2 semester

B. Duration: August 1st (Thursday) 10:00 to September 6th (Friday) 17:00

C. Method: Destiny Portal System [Login][Academic학적 [Rehabilitation][Rehabilitation of School]

What is early return? I applied for a one-year leave of absence, but I mean to return to school earlier than the first semester.

※ Note: You can apply for classes and pay tuition only when you return to school/early school.

2. Vacation/Extension of School - Use [Portal System]

A. Target : Students to apply for leave of absence from school 

                 Those who wish to take a leave of absence for the second semester of 2019

  - A total of two years' leave of absence. However, those who are integrated into the pomegranate program are over 3 years old.

  - Students with 'Completed' Academic Status in the 2019-2 semester 

  - New/re-entered students in the 2019-2 semester can apply for leave from the 2019.09.02 days. 

B. Duration: August 14th (Wed.) 10:00 to September 16th(Mon.) 24:00 
* After September 17th, application for leave of absence will be deducted and returned according to the tuition return policy.

• Pregnancy: Students who wish to take a leave of absence due to childbirth or child care can take an additional year off from school by attaching a document of proof.

• Possible semesters: 1 semester with birth (scheduled) days or soon after delivery 

a school year in which children aged 20 to 8 or under are brought up in grade 2 or below in elementary school.
• Evidence documents: among the scheduled date of hospital diagnosis (discovery), family relation certificate, birth certificate, child's school certificate (referred to only the person concerned)1 

* The tuition payer will receive a refund and cannot deposit or transfer the paid tuition at the school. 

Caution: If students take a leave of absence after the above period, [Registration/Return Criteria] is applied in accordance with the school policy.

 - Non-payee of tuition: You must pay the tuition deduction based on the return of tuition before you can take a leave of absence.

 - Payee of tuition: The amount based on the return criteria is deducted and returned.