[EVENT]New Year’s Activities for SMU International Students 2021 - Best Wishes for our 2021
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heart   Please take a look at our New Year’s program for Iinternational Students and apply for it now! ; )


1.     For your healthy New Year :

 1) Giving Face Mask (KF 94) & Mask strap

 Please visit the Global Lounge and get face masks and mask straps for free.

 *2021.01.15(11:00) ~ 2021.01.22(16:00) at Global Lounge (#B103, Prime complex)


 2) Safety Hand book

 Please visit the Global Lounge and get a Safety Hand Book.

 *2021.01.15(11:00) ~ 2021.01.22(16:00) at Global Lounge (#B103, Prime complex)


2.     To make your dreams come true : Correcting English Resume & Cover Letter

Professional teachers help you correct your English Resume & Cover letter for free.

(Application deadline: 2021.01.14(15:00) /  first come, first served for 12 students only.

*Apply here >> https://forms.gle/81D6bGEKeXm4ZSpL8

*If you are chosen for participating in this activity, you need to prepare English 1 Resume, 1 Cover Letter by 17th of Jan.(24:00) 


3.     What is your wish for New Year? Sharing your Wishes for 2021.

Please let us know your wishes for 2021.

1) Please write down your Wishes for New Year on the attached images (we have two kinds of images. SMU logo or SMU character) with your mother tongue language 

2) take a photo with your face and messages  

3) Send it to the email address as below with your name, student No., email address, phone No.

*Application Period: 2021.01.15(10:00) ~ 2021.01.22(15:00)

*Apply here >>shuying06@sookmyung.ac.kr

*First come, First served. Only 21 students can get a gift (a cup of coffee).

*We will gather these messages & photos and upload them on SMU website.


4.     For the Shining New Year: Making Korean traditional Jewel Box with Han-Ji

We will give materials for the making of the jewel box and share a video clip via email to make it. : )  

*Application deadline: 2021.01.14(15:00) / first come, first served. Only for 50 students.

*Apply here >> https://forms.gle/cnLDDumkJTKSyoYN6


5.     Know-How for studying abroad : Sharing Know-How for studying abroad from the Senior

*We will share a link for the video clip about the information on studying abroad in Korea with all international students in February. 


 *Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

 Contacts: inbound.exchange@sookmyung.ac.kr / 02-710-9256