[Interview] 2023 admission interview schedule (GKS embassy track)
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Notice for 2023 admission interview schedule - Graduate School (Embassy track)


1. Date2023, May 25(thurs)~26(fri)


2. Please refer to the file attached and check your specific interview time. 


3. For Skype interviewees

  (1) Interview time is based on Korea, please check the time difference between Korea and your country. 

  (2) Kindly wait for our call before and after 30 minutes from your interview time. Your ID will be added with 'Sookmyung' again, 

       TA will contact you on the actual interview day.

  (3) For those of you who are interviewing through skype and have time difference, make sure not to miss it the 

      interview by other circumstances.

       (ie. mixing up Korea time as your time, fall asleep, internet disconnection etc)


4. Result announced: June, 2023 (Will be announced by NIIED officially)


*Attached: (1) Notice for applicants

              (2) Interview schedule


OIA Jinhee Lee / 국제협력팀 이진희