Two proud alumni elected to the 21st National Assembly

At the 21st National Assembly election held on April 15th, two Sookmyung Women’s University alumni, Hyeon-jin Bae and Ye-ji Kim, were elected. In particular, alumni Hyeon-jin Bae is the first district-elect of our university.


Alumni Hyun-jin Bae, who ran as the candidate for the United Future Party in Songpa-Eul District, Seoul, won a total of 50.4% of the votes, becoming a national assembly member over the third-term Jae-seong Choi candidate from the Minjoo Party of Korea.


Alumni Bae became an MBC announcer overcoming 1,900:1 competitive odds after graduating from our university’s Information Broadcasting major (currently the Department of Communication & Media) in 2007. During her school days, she was selected as an ambassador for public relations, worked as an advertising model for our university, and participated in various internal and external programs.


After joining MBC, she was the anchor for News Desk, a representative news program, from 2010 to 2017. After leaving MBC in 2018, she joined the Liberty Korea Party (currently the United Future Party) and ran for by-election for national assembly representing Songpa-Eul District, but lost. Afterwards, she served as the spokesperson for the Liberal Korea Party and chairperson of the Songpa-Eul District party’s council, and succeeded in taking the office in Yeouido through this general election. 


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Meanwhile, alumni Ye-ji Kim, who was elected after running as the 11th proportional representative for the Future Korea Party in this general election, is widely known as a visually-impaired pianist. After graduating from the Department of Instrumental Music at our university in 2004, alumni Kim went on to study abroad in the United States and received a master's degree in music education and piano from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University and completed a Ph.D. in piano performance and pedagogy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


At the time of admission, alumni Kim passed the general special admissions process with top honors and received an award for 21st Century Pioneer Award (similar to Presidential Scholars). She was also awarded the Disability Award of the Year in 2019 for her contribution to the development of cultural arts for the disabled such as the invention of the world's first 3D tactile sheet music and also as a musician. She also grabbed many people’s attention early this year by becoming the first visually impaired spokesperson for the Future Korea Party after being scouted.

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