[Zoom In] Student-designed major, a unique self-designed school system

[Zoom In] 스스로 설계하는 나만의 특별한 학사제도, 학생자율설계전공

Sookmyung Women's University has introduced a system of student-designed major starting this year. Learn more about this system where students can freely design their own majors.


What is student-designed major?

Student-designed major is a system where education consumers (students) can group courses related to their own desired career or areas of interest, create a major curriculum based on the courses, and complete the courses to receive a college degree. Allowing the students to design and complete their own curriculum according to their career goals or interests is its greatest attribute. Upon completion of the courses, it is accepted as a multiple major and awarded a degree accordingly.


Why do we need it?

Student-designed major is designed as an institutional support for students' self-directed learning needs and aims to develop innovative talents that meet social demands through student-led curriculum. Students who have a clear career path can strengthen their personal portfolio even further by utilizing the system, gaining a positive edge in employment and advancement into society.



Advantages of student-designed major

Sookmyung Women’s University has made it mandatory to complete multiple majors for students who were admitted during 2001~2010 and after 2015, and provides a freedom of choice by minimizing restrictions in choosing multiple majors, minors, and interdisciplinary programs.

When students select and complete a multiple major, minor, or interdisciplinary program in addition to their primary major, the university reduces the number of credits required to complete the primary major to make it easier for them to complete multiple majors. If a student chooses to pursue multiple majors, the student-designed major can also be recognized as the second major to expand the range of their options.