Held the Organization Meeting for “Global Asia Sookmyung,” A Global Network of Alumni in Asia

A global network has been established to energize the cooperation and communication among the Sookmyung alumni residing in Asian regions.  Our university’s Office of Fundraising and Development announced that it held the Organization General Meeting for Global Asia Sookmyung (Chairperson Geum-bong Yun(윤금봉), English Language & Literature ‘68) for three days from November 1 at the Novotel on Stevens in Singapore.


Among our university’s total of 24 overseas branches, the Singapore Branch (President Jeong-shim Mun(문정심), International Trade ‘88), which holds the most members in the Asian regions, held the meeting. This event was held to reaffirm the friendship and fellowship among the global Sookmyungians who are practicing the spirit of Sookmyung in the Asian regions and to strengthen the network. From our university, President Jungai Kang and Director of External Affairs Jae-wung Shim(시재웅), and officials of Office of Fundraising and Development participated in the event.

Held the Organization Meeting for “Global Asia Sookmyung,” A Global Network of Alumni in Asia


One day prior to the event, a welcome party was held at the home of the President of the Singapore Branch Gyeong-bun Park(박경분) (English Language & Literature ‘87), which was attended by President Jungai Kang, Director Shim, figures from our university; figures from the Alumni Association such as Alumni President Jong-hui Kim(김종희) and Scribe & Director Mi-suk Kim(김미숙) (Biology ‘84); and alumni from the Indonesia Branch. The above attendees showed their gratitude for the efforts of Singapore Branch staffs who arranged the organization general meeting and earnestly asked the Singapore Branch to play the key role in revitalizing the network of alumni in the Asian regions.


The organization general meeting that was held during the night of the second day (Nov. 2) opened with the presiding from Alumna Su-jin Lim(임수진) (Political Science & International Relations ‘02; CIMB Bank, Associate Director). At the welcoming speech, the President of Singapore Branch Jeong-shim Mun(문정심) said, “Since the appointment of the First President Geum-bong Yun(윤금봉) in 1992, Former Presidents Seok-yeong Cho(조석영) (Food & Nutrition ‘80), Mi-jin Son(손미진) (Clothing & Textiles ‘84), and Gyeong-bun Park(박경분) made great efforts toward steady branch development and alumni cooperation,” and “With the recent 20 young newcomers through work ties, the information sharing and networking among alumni have improved greatly allowing our branch to truly become the representative alumni branch in the Asian regions.” Branch President Mun added, “We will spare no efforts to spread the Singapore Branch’s love for the alma mater to all the branches in Asia through the opportunity given to us by the meeting.”

Held the Organization Meeting for “Global Asia Sookmyung,” A Global Network of Alumni in Asia


Next, the congratulatory message by Alumni Gyeong-hye Han(한경혜) (English Language & Literature ‘74) followed as the representative of the Indonesia Branch. Alumna Han said, “I am very thrilled to attend this organization general meeting held in Indonesia. I am very proud to call myself a Sookmyungian and the event gave me a new sense of what needs to be done by alumni. Above all, I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of our alma mater.”


President Kang replied by saying, “I would like to sincerely thank our overseas alumni for their love of our alma mater. As our school has continued its 112 years of history based on the support and love from our alumni, we will continue the renaissance of Sookmyung based on the love and support by Global Asia Sookmyung.” Alumni President Kim Jong-hui said, “I am deeply moved by the passion of the Singapore Branch standing at the forefront of the alumni associations in the Asian regions. I believe today was made possible by the love of our school shown and practiced by the First President Yun Geum-bong and many alumni who have led the advancement of the branch. I hope the branch can become an example of alumni cooperation in Asia and spread across the regions.”

Held the Organization Meeting for “Global Asia Sookmyung,” A Global Network of Alumni in Asia


Held the Organization Meeting for “Global Asia Sookmyung,” A Global Network of Alumni in Asia


Director of External Affairs Jae-wung Shim(심재웅) followed up with the next agenda of the meeting and introduced the current affairs and development plans of our school. The alumni were especially pleased with the recent advancement news such as the Supreme Court ruling related to the Old Auditorium site, completion of the PRIME Center, and Joongang Ilbo Evaluation, and the Singapore Branch and Indonesia Branch actively expressed their support for the development direction and plan of the school by donating 15,000 USD and 2,000 USD, respectively, to their alma mater.


During the banquet, the traditional lion dance of Singapore was showcased. Lion dance first originated as a dance performed at the start of a new year or to invoke good fortune when starting a new business, and the performance during the banquet was prepared to invoke endless success for the organization general meeting. Following the performance was the traditional Chinese Beijing opera, where the alumni celebrated the joy of the meeting together by dancing and singing along.


During the special segment after the banquet, an award ceremony was held where our president awarded the meritorious plaque and appreciation plaques. The meritorious plaque was given to the First President and Alumna Geum-bong Yun(윤금봉) who has led the branch for the past 20 years, whereas appreciation plaques were given to the arrangement committee members Seok-yeong Cho(조석영), Gyeong-bun Park(박경분), and Jeong-shim Mun(문정심) for their contribution in the preparation of the meeting. Especially, the Sookmyung Young Leader Award was given to Alumna Su-jin Lim(임수진) for her contribution of encouraging participation from young alumni. Also, Alumna Yun Geum-bong prepared a surprise event by receiving the award in her graduation gown in celebration of her 50th graduation anniversary and added more meaning to the event. Alumna Yun said, “I am very honored to have this meeting with the president and alumni president in Singapore,” and “I will spare no efforts in revitalizing the alumni associations in the Asian regions with the belief that the advancement of the Singapore Branch is the advancement of our school.” Next, the “Global Sookmyungian Talk Talk” event was held presided by Alumna Hui-gyeong Jeong(정희경) (Food & Nutrition ‘14) who is active as a YouTuber in Singapore. The alumni showed off their singing and dancing skills they have been honing and conveyed their gratitude toward Sookmyung’s love which they have received in a foreign land.

Held the Organization Meeting for “Global Asia Sookmyung,” A Global Network of Alumni in Asia


An arrangement committee member for the organization general meeting, Alumni Park Gyeong-bun, received great applause as she said, “I am proud to be an alumna of Sookmyung. I believe we can continue the traditions of our school through unsparing devotion toward the advancement of alma mater and love of our younger alumni based on the love of our school. We will continuously forge ahead to continue the history of new Sookmyung and global Sookmyung through the network of alumni in the Asian regions.”


The general meeting of Global Asia Sookmyung which was held for the first time this year is expected to open every two years from now on. The officials of the Office of Fundraising and Development said, “Through the opportunity provided by this event, we will make the best efforts to revitalize the network of alumni in the Asian regions such as revitalizing the alumni branches and developing new branches in Asia.”