2021-1 Korean Assignment Correction Program(한국어클리닉/韩国语修正项目)
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Korean Assignment Correction Program  
Korean  Korean Assignment  Program is a program to correct the “Korean” of your assignment (report, essay, announcement, etc.) which is written in Korean.
The teachers give you a correction regarding the spelling, spacing words, context, and other Korean grammar.
Students must write the “contents” of the assignments by themselves.
Because of the shortage of time, you have to apply this program with enough time.
(Please apply about 10 days before you want to have corrected.)

After submitting your assignments, the teacher may check  your assignments and upload
updated the file to give you a correction.
※ 2021-1st semester, only 15 students can be participated in. 
    First-come First-serve basis.
※ You can participate more than once.
    However, if there are a lot of applicants, students who apply for the first time will 
    get priority.

※ Application period : 2021.05.03~ 2021.06.14
※ Application: at the WISE website >>  https://wise.sookmyung.ac.kr/  


《韩国语修正项目》是为留学生提供修改韩语作文(报告书、小论文、发表文 等)的服务。


※ 按顺序来最多15名可以申请。
※ 可以多次参加。但,如果希望参加的学生多,先申请的可以参加。
※ 申请期间: 2021年 5月3日~ 2021年 6月14日 
※ 请访问非教学课程节目主页(비교과프로그램홈페이지)
    》》 https://wise.sookmyung.ac.kr/