“Welcome to Sookmyung Women's University” Held the 2021 Admission and New Student Welcoming Ceremony

On February 23rd, Sookmyung Women’s University held the admission ceremony for the 2021 school year and a welcoming ceremony for new students.


This year's admission ceremony, named “2021 Virtual Live Festival,” created a non-face-to-face ceremony, and yet it recreated a festival-like atmosphere where everyone came together using Zoom, YouTube, and AR technology. To this end, Sookmyung Women’s University had sent an AR online invitation in advance in the shape of the snowflake character, which is the school mascot, to about 2,500 freshmen. Students ran the app installed on the day of the admission ceremony and watched the event live on YouTube following the guidance of the AR snowflake.




The first part of the admission ceremony was held in the order of an oath for freshmen, awarding scholarship certificate, congratulatory remarks by the Chairman of Sookmyung Educational Foundation Seung-han Lee, congratulatory remarks by President Yunkeum Chang, and a welcoming remark by the Alumni President Sun-rye Kim. In her congratulatory remark, President Chang said, “The college life you will have at Sookmyung will be a very special and important turning point that will determine your life in the future,” and “All members of Sookmyung will actively provide support so that the students can continue to grow toward a higher and wider world, discover their potential, and achieve their dreams.”



In particular, at this admission ceremony, a special video commemorating the fundraising campaign called was released for the first time by Sookmyung Women’s University, which began last year to provide digital devices and emergency living support funds to students. More than 2,000 alumni have participated in the campaign so far, raising funds worth 500 million won. The freshmen sang along to the school anthem that the alumni sang in one voice and honored the alumni who participated in the fundraiser with the hopes to contribute to the growth of the young students.


The second part of the admission ceremony, which started with the presiding by KBS weathercaster Hye-ji Bae, alumni of Sookmyung Women’s University, was prepared as a participatory program using the online video platform ZOOM.



The 325 representatives of freshmen from 13 colleges and independent departments, who were selected by receiving prior application, logged in via ZOOM and created a spectacular view filling the large LED screen installed in the Snowflake Square Hall at the admission ceremony. They performed “Be One, Together” shouting the school catch phrase with one heart, “BEST SM AWARDS,” which selects the best majors in Sookmyung Women’s University with OX quiz, and LUCKY DRAW, which draws lucky draws for freshmen. Students who met each other for the first time via online actively participated in the program in anticipation of their future university life. The number of simultaneous users of YouTube Live once exceeded 1500.





After all the presentations were over, an ending credit consisting of photos and names of 2,500 new students who were the stars of the admission ceremony finished the event. This day's event received great attention as an exemplary case of an admission ceremony that was newly changed in the COVID-19 era, and many central daily newspapers and broadcasters covered the story on-site. An official of the Center for Student Support, which hosted the event, said, “We planned a virtual live-style admission ceremony to console the shortcomings of an actual face-to-face ceremony that was felt by the new students who could not come to campus due to CoVID-19, and allow them to feel a sense of belonging and pride in the school,” and “We are rooting for the future of our students who will quickly grow and mature through experiencing unforgettable memories at Sookmyung.”


You can check the entire video of the admission ceremony and welcoming ceremony held online on Sookmyung Women’s University's official YouTube account.


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