SMHM convergence track, an education model leading the era of the 4th industrial revolution

Sookmyung Women’s University is presenting a new educational model and vision to nurture talented people with creative and convergent thinking that meet the era of the 4th industrial revolution.  

A representative example is the SMHM convergence track system, which was established in the second semester of 2020.


SMHM convergence track system is short for Smart Mobility with Healthcare Management, and aims to cultivate creative and convergent female engineers in the field of “smart mobility” that combines autonomous-driving cars with advanced ICT technologies and healthcare systems. It is a collaboration between the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Department of IT Engineering, Department of Electronics Engineering, and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. All students who complete 4 major courses are eligible to take the course, and students can participate in 4 tracks including ▲Artificial Intelligence/Autonomous Driving Track ▲Connected/IoT Track ▲Smart Sensor/Diagnostic Track ▲Green Energy/Material Track.

(Photo caption) SMHM convergence track students are demonstrating self-driving cars at the Future Mobility Technology Center.



AI/Autonomous Driving Track

It is a process of learning the operation and control of artificial intelligence-based autonomous mobility and mechatronic systems, and reinforcing the ability to develop human-centered healthcare system technology through interactive learning between humans and artificial intelligence. It is expected to receive attention in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles that will become important in the global AI market in the future.


Connected/IoT Track

Based on the learning of IoT and network application technology, the track cultivates the convergence capability and new technology application capability required for mobility and healthcare system development in a hyper-connected society. Students who participate in this track are expected to advance into all industries where the Internet of Things is used in the future.


Smart Sensor/Diagnosis Track

It is a track that helps to understand mechanical, chemical, and physical convergence factors for the development of artificial intelligence/autonomous healthcare system smart sensors, and to improve understanding of various disease diagnosis and treatment techniques in the aging era.


Green Energy/Material Track
This is a track to learn about green energy and materials in line with the increasing social demand for artificial intelligence and eco-friendly plastic applications and new and renewable energy. Students who participate in this track are expected to see an increase in demand in energy and environment as well as semiconductors and chemistry fields in the future.


The SMHM convergence track system is composed of step-by-step educational programs such as introductory courses, basic courses, and specialized courses. Based on these advantages, non-major students can also complete the curriculum, and when two or more convergence tracks are completed, multiple degrees can be obtained according to the application procedure for the self-designed major. Students are expected to grow into experts in new industry fields by learning creative and converged studies in the track.